Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soundcrane :: Japanese Red Cross Fundraiser

We're really proud to be a part of this!
Australian musicians offer a musical tribute to Japan, creating cover versions of famous or interesting Japanese music.You buy it online, listen to it & love it. Your money goes towards rebuilding lives in North-East Japan.
To reiterate, no-one involved with this project is being paid, and every cent you pay goes to the Red Cross disaster relief effort in Japan. And if that’s not enough to make you want to buy it, look at the abundance of talent in the final tracklisting below.

1. McKisko - Baibaba Bimba
2. Hunz - Astroboy
3. The Rational Academy - Chew it in a Bite
4. Shem Allen & Chris Perren - Konayuki
5. Charles Boat - One Summer Day
6. Rob Davidson - The Emperor’s Speech
7. Hazards of Swimming Naked - Making a Cyborg (from Ghost in the Shell)
8. Robin Boat - Elegy to Betrayal
9. aheadphonehome - Aoharu Youth
10. No Anchor - Rattlesnake
11. Secret Killer of Names - 333
12. The Holy Cow & Billy Bodean - Genesis
13. Subsea - Forbidden Colours
14. Ed Guglielmino & Chris Perren - Sakuran
15. Sebu - Aerith’s Theme
16. Big Strong Brute - Call my name
17. Mr. Maps - Himitsu Girl’s Top Secret
18. Tiny Spiders - Halation
19. Lawrence English - Requiem (for String Orchestra) [Reduction]

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