Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shoving Mia Matsumiya into Small Containers

Ive never been much for remembering names....even worse when it comes to knowing the names of famous people in bands at all really. In 2005 a reviewer refered to me as "Kevin Shields cast as a Daniel Clowes type character" - i had to google both Kevin Shields and Daniel Clowes (frowny face emoticon here). Im happy to say that since then Amelia has allowed me access to her extensive Daniel Clowes Library and i once bought a copy of Loveless (though i later left it onstage at the old bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Bilinda Butcher was a total babe wasn't she?!?!?)
But Directors (!) and Movie stars (!)....No Idea! Im the worst at those conversations

James Gunn does a lot of things that famous people do - apparently - he makes movies, writes songs, acts...and keeps a website about shoving his girlfriend into mini fridges, pillow cases and anything else small he can find.....

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